Practical nature of modular schools

There is no such thing as an exact definition of modular school, but in general modular schools are buildings, made from containers that are used as school buildings. They are very practical and time and cost effective.

Building of modular school takes much less time than building stick-built school. Modular schools are very practical because they can be built off site and then brought to the spot when you need them. They can also be easily moved and so there is no problem to move them around if the location where you need them changes. Because modular school rooms are built in-house, third party quality control is almost always present and so long life-span of modular schools is ensured.

modular school building
modular school classroms

Low building costs of modular schools

Additionally, modular schools are built on much lower costs than stick-built buildings. Modular school rooms can be adapted to the needs of their usage. Furthermore, due to the extreme flexibility of modular schools they can be adapted to the exact size you need. And not only that modular schools are cost effective and very flexible, they are also very “green”.

Practical design of modular schools

Furthermore, in modular schools’ passive features such as good ventilation, insulation and shading, plus add-ons like solar power and grey water systems, are easily incorporated in the design and building stages. Because modular school classrooms are built in a factory and delivered to site ready to go, the amount of waste and site disruption is also greatly reduced, making modular a more sustainable option than site built.

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