Portable office – definition

Portable office is a unit, designed and built in order to be moved from one location to another. Similar as in a case of modular office units, the construction of portable office trailers starts off site, the half-assembled elements are then transported to the location, where they will stand, and are finished on site. Portable office is made from the same material as a regular building, because it must live up to the same standards as any other building. Portable office for sale is thus strongly and solidly bulit, stable, safe – but available at a much lower price and, as the name tells us, it is portable!

Why should you choose a portable office?

Portable office is a number one choice in many cases, because it offers flexibility and possibility for relocation, plus it has other unparalleled benefits, such as:

Portable office for sale comes at a fraction of a cost of a conventional building.

portable office
Portable office building

Reduced building time: anybody who’s ever had something built can certify that constructing anything takes time … a lot of time. Well, not in the case of our REM portable offices. Portable office storage containers are already pre-made, transported to the location you need them and then assembled together almost like Lego blocks. Fast, easy, simple!

Our portable offices for sale are ecologically friendly: the waste is reduced to a minimum, since all the materials are pre-measured, so that we actually use exactly how much we need. The construction time of our portable offices is also significantly reduced, which leads to a smaller environmental impact in general. Plus: less transportation, less environment disruption and – our portable office trailers are almost 100 % reusable!

Energy efficient: care for environment does not end with construction – portable offices are very energy efficient, you can cool and heat them quickly and thus use less power. They can also work on solar power, low-watt fixtures or efficient generators, which furthermore reduces the costs.

Further advantages of portable office for sale

The design of our portable office for sale is very flexible and can even be turned into green modular school buildings, modular hotel buildings or even exposition saloons. Portable offices come in various sizes and you can combine individual units to suit your needs. Portable offices can be moved, which is another great feature, especially if you work in construction or similar business, where a portable office is a must.

Greater security is another advantage of our portable office for sale – if we place it in the middle of a construction site, the sturdy portable office represents additional security measure for the employees, plus, when you leave, you can lock all the sensitive documents and keep them safe from prying eyes.

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