REM modul

Using several interconnected modular units, we produce prefab modular buildings distinguished by superior quality and efficiency, reasonable prices and sophisticated design. Our contemporary modular solutions are designed with our customers’ wishes and requirements in mind; the prefab modular buildings are assembled with carefully selected modular units, which serve different purposes by having comprehensive functionality. The greatest attribute of our prefabricated modular buildings is the rapid construction, since individual modular units are manufactured in our production facility, then transported to the site, where they are assembled into a complete building. The modular buildings that we have already created for the Slovenian and European markets include schools and kindergartens, office buildings, hotels, showrooms, dealerships and others. In addition, we construct prefabricated modular accommodation buildings, which serve as additional accommodation facilities or as independent residential areas. When designing REM prefabricated modular buildings, we listen to the wishes of the customer, while taking into account all the prescribed guidelines and legal requirements. Our high level of quality is attested to by the European Technical Assessment.

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REM modul PLUS

We are proud to have taken a step further in the design of contemporary modular construction. Namely, we have developed REModul accommodation units that are intended for more demanding customers, since individual modular units meet low-energy standards. These high-performance prefabricated modular buildings satisfy the requirements concerning efficient low-energy construction.

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REM container

The REM living containers, which rank among the top-quality products on the European market, are designed to provide quick solutions to spatial problems and offer a comfortable living environment. We use natural and environmentally friendly materials for construction, while also being committed to high technical standards. The living containers are available either as office containers or sanitary containers.

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REM box

REM BOX storage containers and REM GARAGES represent effective solutions for storing materials and equipment or for the protection of motor vehicles. They are distinguished by simple assembly, quick installation and high mobility.

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