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We provide surprising spatial solutions

REM mobile homes were designed to stand out from similar products on the market based on their technical and spatial characteristics. We have come up with a design that provides comfortable living conditions and a comfortable holiday experience. REM mobile homes are characterized by high quality and functionality, well thought-out room design, clean lines, advanced materials and sophisticated appearance. Using carefully selected materials and paying attention to our customers’ wishes, we have designed a pleasant home away from home.

Complete relaxation and comfort while sheltered from sea breezes

REM mobile homes were designed for spending a comfortable holiday while sheltered from sea breezes. We have designed eight basic types, which are available in two lines. The BASIC line is intended for a wider range of seaside enthusiasts, whereas the EXCLUSIVE line was designed for our most demanding customers. They both have the same layouts. They differ with regard to certain technical characteristics; the essential difference is in the wall and floor insulation.

We want our customers to feel completely relaxed, that is why our mobile homes are assembled and fitted with high-quality materials, equipment and appliances. We also pay attention to our customers’ requirements by customizing the layout, joinery, the thickness and quality of the insulation and the external wall cladding, and provide them with any extra equipment they may require.


Mobile homes REM

REM's mobile homes, which offer quality, comfort, functionality and a sophisticated appearance, have been designed with the intention of providing a chance to spend a comfortable holiday.

For all our products we prepared some brochures, which you can see on this site. For any additional questions, please, contact us.

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