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Modular School Buildings

In REM, we design comprehensive educational facilities for different age groups and purposes that can serve as permanent or temporary structures; as independent units or extensions.

Containers with wood cladding

In order to offer a modern and natural appearance for living containers, we have designed different types of wood cladding that allow our modular units to blend in with the surroundings.


In REM, we design comprehensive modular buildings boasting high-tech solutions, which meet the highest quality requirements as well as offering the highest levels comfort.

REM BOX and REM garage

We have designed a simple and efficient solution for a multi-purpose storage container for storing materials and equipment or for vehicle protection.

Mobile homes REM

REM's mobile homes, which offer quality, comfort, functionality and a sophisticated appearance, have been designed with the intention of providing a chance to spend a comfortable holiday.

Modular security offices

Simple retail establishments

Fast food containers

Eating establishments

Trade fair facilities

Accommodation facilities

Modular office facilities

Nursery Schools

Sanitary containers

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