REM is a medium-sized enterprise that plays an important role in the production of prefabricated modular buildings and living containers in Slovenia as well as in Europe and elsewhere in the world. We specialize in the production of modular units with an emphasis on sanitary and living containers, while in recent years, by forming our own development team and construction department, we are focusing more on designing, manufacture and assembly of high-performance prefabricated modular buildings and engineering.

We constantly expand our product range and services, and improve the quality of our products. Particular attention is paid to the appearance of our finished products.

Igor Kastelic, director

The quality of our products is also demonstrated by the European Technical Assessment, which we have obtained for our multi-purpose modular units. Based on this certificate, our products can be marked with the CE marking.

The CE marking is also used to mark the REM multi-purpose aluminium door. The company has other certificates as well that demonstrate the quality of our products and services.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 – quality certificate
  • SIST EN 1090 EXC: 2 – construction of steel structures
  • ETA-13/0186 (1404-cpr-2467) – European Technical Assessment for Pre-fabricated Modular Construction
  • SIST EN14351 – AL door; Declaration of performance
  • quality mark for steel structures according to RAL-GZ 613
  • quality mark for modular units according to RAL-GZ 619

Our vision and mission

REM’s vision is to become one of the leading European manufacturers of modular construction systems by using advanced technologies, a project-based approach and personalized customer service, while undertaking special efforts to ensure optimal solutions for our customers and the excellent design of our modular units

REM’s mission is to provide optimal energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and user-friendly solutions for solving spatial challenges, while devoting particular attention to the final appearance of our products. Furthermore, the company is guided by the principles to do with environmental awareness and social responsibility towards our employees, business partners and the wider community.

REM Timeline

Establishment of the company REM d.o.o.
The company is reorganized into a limited liability company.


Manufacture of semi-finished goods for containers
The production of individual components of living containers for Trimo becomes the core business of the company.


Establishment of the company
Jože Udovič sets up the company as a sole proprietor. Initially, REM’s main emphasis is on roofing, sheet metal working and assembly work.


The beginning of living container manufacture

We sign a long-term contract with Trimo and build a larger production plant for the manufacture of living containers and prefabricated modular buildings


New facilities and capacities
The head office is relocated to the Trebnje enterprise zone, where we set up additional production facilities along with new management premises.


The company’s own sales on foreign markets
The company, which used to be tied primarily to one buyer in Slovenia, enters the European market independently through our own active sales.


European Technical Approval
We obtain the European Technical Approval for our multi-purpose modular units, so our products can be marked with the CE marking.


European Technical Assessment
We renew the European Technical Approval, which is transformed into the European Technical Assessment in accordance with the European Directive EU305/2011.


Capacity expansion and our development team
In addition to the existing production plant in the Trebnje enterprise zone, we add new production facilities and register the REM development team with the Slovenian Research Agency.


Construction of the new plant
We have started building a new state-of-the-art facility in the Trebnje trading estate to increase our capacity and enable integrated production of units in one location.


Our products and services

Our main product groups, which are distinguished by superior quality, sophistication and efficiency, are:

• multi-purpose accommodation units (office containers, sanitary containers, etc.),
• prefabricated modular buildings comprising accommodation units (offices, motels, schools, kindergartens, showrooms, etc.),
• REModul modular units (public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, public facilities, business facilities, etc.),
• mobile homes of the BASIC and EXCLUSIVE range, including the possibility of custom-made products,
• REM BOX storage containers and REM GARAGES,
• multi-purpose aluminium doors – standard or custom-made.

As part of the accommodation unit programme, we also provide certain other products and services to our customers, which are also available separately:
• roofing underlays, canopies and wall claddings for prefabricated modular buildings,
• skilled work and installation services,
• formed sheet metal (parapet walls, flashing) and steel structures,
• engineering of prefabricated modular buildings
• delivery and installation,
• consulting.

General conditions of purchase

General conditions of sales

Instructions for the use and maintenance of standard living containers

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